2017 Club Program Discussions

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2017 Club Program Discussions

Postby targeteye » Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:48 pm

This thread to discuss the 2017 club monthly programs.

This thread to be updated frequently please check back.

2017 programs from March onward.

March - Bill Werzner to give a radio repair presentation.

April - This months program will be "collections". This is always a popular program. Bring your collection to display and discuss. This can be a collection of anything you may have, it doesn't need to be radio or radio related.

May - No regular monthly meeting no program

June - It has been suggested that Lance give all instructions in regards to how to wind the coils for his kits.

July - It has been suggested that Ron will give a presentation in regards to making radio dials.

August - Bill and Jimmie to discuss the Calibration and general use of Tube testers

September - The program for September will be a "one" tube amplifier contest. This doesn't necessarily mean one tube but that only one TYPE of tube should be used.

October - Steve and Jeff will give a presentation on the history of shortwave general coverage recievers with examples from both of their collections. This will discuss the history from the mid twenties thru to today.

November - no monthly meeting scheduled at this time.

December - no monthly meeting scheduled at this time.
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Re: 2017 Club Program Discussions

Postby TomT » Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:13 pm

Good ideas

Might be a good idea to FIRST take written questions from the floor before Bill starts with radio training in case he can bring a focus to their interests.
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