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2015 Event Schedule

Click here for the 2015 Event Calendar including HVRA meetings & contests, VRPS (Dallas) events and HAM Fests!   Updated 6/21.

HVRA 2015 Schedule


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Help us stay in touch with you….

Please help us update our membership database by sending us your current email address, telephone number and physical address. This will help us let you know when meetings and other important HVRA events are happening.

Please send your updates to Jimmie Stewart at

Thank you!

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July-Aug-Sept 2015 Grid Leak Newsletter

The latest issue of HVRA’s quarterly newsletter Grid Leak is now available to download for your computer, portable device, or for printing. The files can be read using the free Adobe PDF Reader software.

  • From the President
  • Club events/ announcements
  • MEGA Auction – July
  • HVRA Election of Officers in September
  • Battleship Texas Update

and more… Click here for the latest issue GL July-Aug-Sep 15

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Mega Auction Bag & Tag Photos

Thanks to all the volunteers for braving the heat to get out and bag & tag for the Mega Auction on July 18th.

New manifest items at the top of the page!

Photos – Gil Hedge


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Annual Election of Officers – September 26

Once again we are looking for a few good volunteers who are willing to accept nominations for a two year term as club officers.  To qualify, you must be a member in good standing with annual dues paid, willing and able to attend both monthly Board of Directors and general meetings, and fulfill requirements of the office that you may be elected to serve.

Positions open for nominations include: Vice President, Secretary, and At Large position II. We are always looking forward to having new officers elected from our general membership to bring new ideas and share their expertise as club leaders.

Elections will be held during the September monthly meeting at the Bayland Park Community Center.

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Basic Electronics Classes 1-3

radio-craft-january-1933-cover  A series of basic electronics classes will be made monthly, on line, to both members and non members alike. The goal is to teach both theory and troubleshooting of vacuum tube equipment at the same time. In order to successfully troubleshoot electronic equipment, one must be able to understand basic theory and how to apply it in repairing, modifying, and in some instances designing circuitry. In dealing with vacuum tube electronics, the first thing that comes to mind is vintage radios.

Vintage radios bring back nostalgic memories of bygone years and many have beautiful enclosures made of wood or art deco materials. Some are collectable antiques and there is a market for their restoration and repair to make them functional again. This is where understanding basic electronic theory is essential in that often times modifications must be made in the circuitry as direct replacement components are no longer available. This is why it is advisable to keep a stock of parts, and vintage parts sets, referred to as “junkers” on hand for future repairs. In recent years there has been a renaissance in vacuum tube amplifiers especially among musicians who play string instruments. Interest in vintage car restoration continues, and many owners prefer to have that car’s radio functioning once again.  Some transistorized radios and amplifiers dating back to the 1950’s and 60’s are also becoming collectable and servicing these will be included in future classes.  What you learn in the first series of classes will be applied to the actual troubleshooting of a basic five tube radio with the schematic shown on the last page of the preliminary lessons.

HVRA President Bill Werzner

Download Class 1 & 2 here:

HVRA Class I 2015

HVRA Class I 2015 Answers




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Texas City Mega Auction July 18th

HVRA together with Tidelands Amateur Radio Society and area HAM Clubs will host our third annual summer mega auction in the Doyle Convention Center, Texas City, TX on Saturday, July 18th. Here is your chance to unload those collectables that you have wanted to sell. There will be radios, parts, tubes, solid state items, HAM gear, test equipment, literature, and just about everything electronic imaginable for sale.

Have something to sell? Send good photos and a list to HVRA President Bill Werzner for inclusion in the manifest along with the promise that they will be sold only in the auction and not in the swap meet.

At the conclusion of the swap meet, unsold swap meet items can be brought into the auction for sale. There will be a $2.00 registration fee per person at the auction area entrance. Auction forms must be attached to those items, and that form can be down loaded for printing from the web site We will assist participants in numbering and labeling auction forms prior to the auction that will start at 12:00 Noon. Auction forms will also be available at the entrance. HVRA charges a 10% commission on auction sales, with 90% returned to the seller*.

*If you require HVRA to pick up and bag & tag your items the commission may be higher.

If a seller wishes, donations from sales can be made to their respective HAM club, or to the Battleship USS Texas fund. Food and drinks will be available on site starting when the doors open at 8 AM. If you have never visited the beautiful modern Doyle Center, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. There is ample parking, the facilities are beautiful, and the swap meet is fantastic! I expect the auction will be equally fantastic!

To get there, take I – 45 south from Houston to Galveston, take Exit 16 and go left (east) on Emmet Lowry Expressway that becomes Palmer Highway in Texas City. Turn right on to 21st Street and the Doyle Convention Center is on the left – you cannot miss it – it’s huge!

Bill Werzner – HVRA President

Click here for .pdf Mega Auction & Map flyers

2015 Mega Auction Flyer.pdf  Doyle Convention Center Map.pdf

Our Manifest photos are at the top of the page. Check this site often as the list of items continues to grow between now and auction time!