November 24, 2017

Wanted / For Sale / For Trade

This section is offered as a service to HVRA members.    If you would like to post an item For Sale, Wanted, For Trade or Free, you can email your ad to the webmaster for submission.   The email address that you use must match the email address on our current membership roster.    Please keep the length of the adds reasonable and please limit them to vintage radio or electronics related items.    The webmaster reserves the right to refuse any ad deemed inappropriate.   HVRA, its officers or its general membership are NOT responsible for the exchange of items or services.  These are transactions between the individuals involved and HVRA does not endorse or warrant the accuracy.

Although you do not have to give a specific address in this ad please do include a general location (city preferred).  Contact information can be a phone number and/or email address.

For Sale  I have for sale a Collins R390a military radio for sale.  It is in very good condition with some wear showing on the paint.   It includes a nice cabinet/enclosure.  Contact Steve at if your interested.  I’m in Katy  $500 OBO.