November 27, 2017

2018 Convention Contest


     The official rules for the 2018 HVRA Old Equipment Contest are:

  1. All contestants must be registered for the Convention and be a member of HVRA and/or AWA in good standing.
  2. Previous displays winning First Place in the 2016 or 2017 contests may not be entered in the competitive categories of the 2018 contest. These items may, however, be shown as non-competitive displays.
  3. A contestant may have only two displays in any one category, but may enter any number of categories.
  4. A display is eligible for only one category.
  5. Reproductions must be properly identified.
  6. All entries must be in good, clean, showable condition. Equipment that is entered in un-showable condition may be disqualified and removed from the contest in the judgment of the Contest Chairperson.
  7. The Contest Chairperson will determine the appropriateness of questions or issues regarding entries and any other rule interpretations.
  8. In case of a tie, the judges or Contest Chairperson may request a functional demonstration of the equipment.
  9. No fee will be charged for entering the contest.
  10. All entries must be in place no later than one hour prior to judging, on the day of the contest.
  11. Devices of foreign manufacture may compete in any appropriate category.
  12. Contestants must refrain from discussing entries with judges. If judges have questions pertaining to an entry, they will be voiced to the contestant through the Contest Chairperson.
  13. The Contest Rules may not cover all issues that arise in relation to the HVRA Old Equipment Contest. The Contest Chairperson has the discretion to make any decisions necessary in relation to Contest to insure a fair and orderly contest.


If you have any questions about the contest at any time, please contact Jeff Heller, Contest Chairman, 281-702-6920   




Please review the contest categories and select the appropriate category for your exhibit.  You must designate a category for each of your exhibits (for example, #2 1920’s Battery Receivers).   Although you may enter up to two exhibits in any one category, you may not enter the same exhibit in more than one category.    If there are any questions please contact the Contest Chairperson (Jeff Heller) at or 281-702-6920.  Note that some contest categories have been modified from prior HVRA convention contests

  1. Wireless/Spark Equipment
  2. Crystal Receivers and Related Crystal Equipment
  3. 1920’s Battery Receivers
  4. Cathedrals, Tombstones & Consoles (wood)
  5. Table Receivers, Tube (wood)
  6. Table Receivers, Tube (non-wood)
  7. Transistor or other Portable Radios
  8. NEW CATEGORY:  1980’s to the Present Electronic Equipment and Electronica [examples would include vintage computers, “modern” radio equipment, and recent unique electronic and computing items]  
  9. Phonographs, Speakers, Reproducers & Microphones
  10. Miscellaneous Vintage Electrical Equipment (Examples include Telephones, Telegraph, Scientific Test Equipment, Electrical Devices and Television)
  11. Kit Radios and Electronics
  12. Hi-Fi Equipment
  13. Amateur Radio Equipment and Accessories (At Least 40 years Old)
  14. Military Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  15. Replicas & Vintage Style Creations
  16. Ugly Radios
  17. Foreign Radios
  18. Special Convention Theme: The Four Great Founders of Modern Radio—Marconi, DeForest, Armstrong and Sarnoff. Display any items, radios, documents, or other electronic material that represents any of the four great founders of radio. Your item(s) could represent one of them or several or all of them.  These men played leading roles in developing long distance radio, the audio tube, regenerative and super heterodyne radio circuitry, FM, television, and so much more.  So use your creativity as we will judge these exhibits and present a special award just for this category. 
  19. Open Display