The following is preliminary information Please check back as information is finalized.

Annual 2018 Convention Contest Features The Founders of Radio

To coincide with the theme of our own beginning as a radio club, our contest will feature the Legacy of Radio’s Founding. Our contest theme features the “Four Giants” who contributed to radio’s development both technically and commercially. These giants were Guillermo Marconi, Lee DeForest, Edwin Armstrong, and David Sarnoff. A special category will allow Contestants to present any radio(s), papers, displays, advertisements and similar material, and anything else that celebrates the contributions of one or more of these “Four Giants” to the founding of radio as it came to dominate the 20th century. Use your creativity and your collection to show radio heritage related in any way to these Four Giants that our HVRA was created to help preserve. We will be awarding ribbons and a commemorative HVRA plaque for this special contest category.

Any questions? Contact Jeff Heller, HVRA Contest Chairman,