2018 Annual Convention Recognizes HVRA’s 40th Anniversary

Jerry Sirkin, V.P and Convention Chairman

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Location: Houston Marriott North (Greenspoint Area) February 9 and 10, 2018  For all HVRA guestroom reservations confirmed prior to January 25, 2018, discounted rates will be $91.00/night (including free Wi-Fi) for Thursday – Sat, Feb. 8th – 10th, check out no later than Sun. AM, Feb. 11th.  Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-228-9290 or through the following weblink.  HVRA has blocked out 65 standard guest rooms (5 for Thursday, 35 for Friday, 25 for Saturday). We will try to have the Marriott work with us to extend the discount cut-off date and increase the number of discounted rooms per night as availability allows; please make reservations early. If your desired room type is not available or if you have any problems making reservations, please contact Jerry Sirkin.  The Marriott is also discounting their buffet breakfast to $15.00 (including tip and gratuity) for Fri. – Sun.  Coupons will be given to all HVRA members attending the Convention and their family guests (you do not need to be an overnight guest to receive this discounted breakfast).

Theme for this Convention:
Four Men Who Were Instrumental In The Development Of Radio
Marconi, DeForest,  Armstrong,  Sarnoff.
On Friday, HVRA Board Member Jeff Heller will give a presentation addressing this same topic: Myths, Legends And The Real Story About The Big Four Founders Of Modern Radio – Marconi, DeForest, Armstrong, Sarnoff.   (more information to come about the contest)

Events will include: Contest Room, Three Auction Sessions, Swap Meet, 40th Anniversary Displays, Cash Concessions, Awards Banquet Dinner and Guest Speaker Dan Gallo from Country Legends FM radio station 97.1.  Please see future Grid Leak and website articles for complete details.

The Board of Directors has reviewed ways to present a financially sound Annual Convention to the Membership.  In order to continue conducting auctions for this two day event, provide comfortable convention space, contests, tech talks and banquet, we are increasing pre-registration and on-site registration fees by $5.00 and will increase the commission retained by HVRA from the sale of each lot from 10% to 15% (estate sales will be at an equal or greater commission.)  HVRA will continue the practice held since 1978 of retaining a 10% commission from lots sold at auctions held during the regularly scheduled general membership meetings.

This Convention will recognize the 40 years of HVRA.  In addition to our usual auctions, swap meet, tech talk, and banquet activities, we will have one display room dedicated to the history of HVRA….”how we started”….”what we’ve done”….”where we’re going”.  Please contact me if you have photos of past events or can lend/donate historical HVRA items, logos, banners etc.  We need volunteers to assist with the development of ideas, set up and tear down of displays and possibly monitoring any valuable items contributed to this room. Please contact me with any comments.

We need you help with packing, labeling and transporting estate items, setting up convention displays,  recording during the auctions (yes, you can still bid), assistance as an auction handler. Please direct questions or comments to Jerry Sirkin (gsirkin@aol.com) or 281-844-4124.


Friday, February 9, 2018:

-8am – 8pm: Registration and Check-in (Lobby)
-8am – 2:45pm: Auctions #1 & #2 Check-in (Salon C)
-10am – 8pm: Old Equipment Contest Check-in (Salon B)
-8am – 3pm: Swap Meet
-10am – 2pm: Technical Session
-3:30 PM: Auctions Begin (Salon D) $5 Minimum Bid (No Junk Please)
-3:30pm: Auction #1 – paper, tubes, test equipment, misc.
-6:30pm: Auction #2 – plastic & small radios, speakers, test equipment, misc.
-5pm – 7pm: Cash Concession (including sandwiches, snacks, drinks)


Saturday, February 10, 2018:

-8am – 3pm: Registration and Check-in (Lobby)
-8am – 10am: Swap Meet
-8am – 9:30am: Old Equipment Contest Check-in (Salon B)
-9:30am: Contest Judging Begins (Contest Room Closed)
-8am – 10:45am: Auction #3 Check-in (Salon C)
-11am-1pm: Cash Concession Lunch (Lobby)
-11am: Auction Begins (Salon D) $20 Minimum (No Junk Please)
-11am – 5pm: Annual Meeting and Auction #3 Including wood and Bakelite radios,
Catalans, consoles, nice stuff.
-6:30pm: Awards BanquetGuest Speaker: Dan Gallo from Country Legends FM radio
station 97.1



1. All Auction Sellers and Bidders must be active HVRA members ($20, per family).
2. All Sellers and Bidders (Buyers) must register and receive a registration number.
HVRA Members: Registration = $15 before 1/27/2018 or $20 on-site (Only one
registration per family or bidder required). HVRA Commission = 15%
Estate Sales: as per pre-auction negotiated terms
3. Sellers and Buyers settlements at conclusion of each day’s auction activities (check-out
will be in numerical order beginning with HVRA members).
4. Registration numbers will be issued based on date that HVRA receives completed
registration form and payment.
5. All sold and passed lots must be removed from the pick-up room after the conclusion of
each day’s auction session. Unless prior arrangements are made, HVRA nor the Marriott
are not responsible for items not removed from the Convention area by 11pm, Saturday.
For questions, please contact Jerry Sirkin (gsirkin@aol.com) 281-844-4124