April 2017 Monthly Meeting

If you missed the April meeting you really missed out!  Mike, Jimmie and Reid shared with us some of their “collections”.   Mike was grilled a bit about where he might have gotten all those great chrome vintage car emblems!!! (we suspect there may be a lot of angry car aficionados out there 🙂 )   Jimmy showed is some very rare books and tube manual information.   Reid brought part of his very large Kodak camera collection.    Very impressive guys and thanks for sharing.

As a side note Bill was explaining the difficulties he is having using the new “more accurate” thermometer his doctor recommended.

OK really, this is just one of those you never know what will show up at an HVRA auction items!..

Additionally here is some of the stuff that sold at the auction for  bargain prices.  Quite a few plastic radios, a great vintage tv and unused Tektronix oscilloscopes!!!  Ya you missed out if you weren’t there.   Everyone when home with more treasures for their collections.

Hope to see you all at the next meet.  We all had a great time.

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