August 13, 2016

2017 Annual Convention – Old


Advanced Registration Begins August 27, 2016 click here to download registration form.

Location: Houston Marriott North (Greenspoint Area)    Dates: February 10 – 11, 2017

Discounted guest rates: $91.00/night for Thurs – Sat, Feb. 9th – 11th, 2017, check-out no later than Sun AM, Feb. 12th.  Free Wi-Fi in the guestrooms.  Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-228-9290 or by an HVRA web link (Click here to to to the Marriott web link).  Please remember, current Marriott Rewards member will receive credit for this stay; however, if you choose to use your member points for this stay, your reservation must be made over the phone or through Marriott’s online website (web link will not let you use your points, only get credit).  The current Agreement includes a cutoff date of January 26, 2017, for the HVRA discounted guestroom rates; please try to make reservations prior to that date.  We will again try to have the Marriott work with us to extend that date if possible and also to increase the number of rooms allowed to HVRA.  HVRA has blocked out 65 room nights (5 on Thur, 35 on Fri and 25 on Sat); this is 10 more than in 2016.  Please make reservations early, so that I can expand the blocked rooms, if availability permits. Keep in mind that if you attempt to make reservations that include Thursday night, your entire request might fail if all 5 rooms for that day have already been reserved by other attendees.  If that is the case, please contact me and I will attempt to have the Marriott re-adjust our allocated nights to suit your needs.  Also, Marriott is discounting their buffet breakfasts to $15.00 for Fri. – Sun.  Coupons will be given to all HVRA members attending the Convention and their family guests.  You do not need to stay at the Marriott to get this discounted breakfast, but you do need to be registered for the Convention.

The activities will begin early Friday and continue through the Saturday evening Awards Banquet.  The Convention space has been modified in order to have a flow of items in one direction across the auction table.  A revised floorplan will be included in later notifications.  Although this modification will not affect the Contest room space nor the Tech session space, we do anticipate a smaller area dedicated to our swap meet room.  Further information regarding swap meet table space will be detailed in the GL and on the website in the fall.  We plan to again have a series of Technical Sessions on Friday afternoon.  In addition to our annual Tech lecture session (2) from noon to 3pm on Friday, I am attempting to have morning classes designed to describe basic elements of test equipment, tubes and basic electrical diagnostics for battery and A/C sets.  I am looking for volunteers to conduct 2 Friday morning (1 hr each) classes for beginners to learn some hands on basics and a little theory which will help them test and evaluate their collection.  Please contact me to discuss the details.

Instead of recognizing one brand as the Convention “Featured Manufacturer”, the board has agreed to recognize tire manufactures that sold radios carrying that tire manufacturer’s name (although the radio was built by another company for that tire manufacturer): i.e, Goodyear, Firestone. Non-USA tire manufacturers are included.  Companies such as Sears, Pennys and Montgomery Wards did not manufacture the tires sold by their outlets; therefore, they will not be included.  Please contact Jeff Heller (Contest Chairman) or me for questions.

The Advanced Registration period will begin August 27, 2016 and continue thru January 31, 2017.  Registration (bidder) number is based on date HVRA receives your completed registration form and payment.  As in the past, auction check outs (after auction handlers and volunteers) will begin with the lowest registration number.  Additional information concerning the Old Equipment Contest, Convention Registration Fees, Banquet costs and other pertinent information will be provided on the HVRA website and future Grid Leaks.  If anyone has any problems with room reservations or any questions regarding the convention, please contact me at 281-844-4124 ( and I will attempt to help.