Needs Repair

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Needs Repair

Postby shawnhamilton3 » Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:47 pm

So for many years I have been looking to get a stereo console. I recently purchased a 1968 Sears Silvertone model.
Although in great cosmetic condition, I was warned it had issues. I get it home and the turn table doesn't spin, one side doesn't have sound when the radio is on and it hums loud. I have gone so far as cleaned up some old grease on the turntable and re conditioned the Idler wheel which got it turning but it still won't turn the correct speed. Seems to not be making enough contact with the motor (loose spring?).
As far as the amp goes, I know it's not the speakers as I swapped the wires and they worked. This is all I feel comfortable working on. Anyone out there that could get this thing up and working great again?
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Re: Needs Repair

Postby dave1138 » Fri Jun 02, 2017 6:40 pm

See if you can find a model number, this will help in locating a schematic. The amp is probably solid state which I know very little about troubleshooting.
I do know that the output is coupled to the speakers with electrolytic capacitors, which tend to fail with age.
The same is true with the power supply, which may account for the hum.
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Re: Needs Repair

Postby radiodoc » Fri Jun 02, 2017 9:09 pm

Sears model numbers were usually on a black aluminum tag riveted to the chassis. If I remember they start off with 3 numbers, a space and 5 or 6 more numbers. SAMS Photofacts would be your best source and I've seen someone on line that sells copies. They have an online index that crosses model # to service manual number. 1968 should mean the entire unit is solid state so you need to be comfortable working on it.
Phono is maybe a drive wheel, dried out motor bearings or tight turntable center spindle bearing. It should be pretty straight forward.
If you wanted to have someone fix it I can provide some people to contact but be forewarned it's not going to be inexpensive.
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