Sears Silvertone Chassis 101-860 Needs Work

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Sears Silvertone Chassis 101-860 Needs Work

Postby balez5809 » Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:49 pm

I am new to HVRA and joined this forum as I have got some vintage radio/amps and wanting to learn about this area of vintage electronics. I have been a member of Audiokarma and HiFiengine for years and they have been very good sources on vintage receivers and amplifiers.

I have acquired a 1952 Sears Silvertone Console Model 1063 with mono radio/amp chassis 101-860. It is an AM/FM/PHONO console with 12 inch speaker. Amazingly it is still working (except the actual turntable) - I brought it up slowly on a Variac with no visible indications of any problems. The radio definitely needs work (lots of static and can't lock on a station) but the amp section works very well. I connected an audio source to the RCA input and got excellent volume and clarity. However, controls have static when you move them. Not uncommon for a unit of this age. I know it needs a good cleaning. I am trying to locate a good repair/restoration person that replaces capacitors, will test unity and realign radio. Chassis and speaker have been removed to have it worked on and I have copy of service manual. Can anyone in this forum provide me the name of a good repair person or company in the Houston area. I know it isn't an inexpensive proposition but this unit has great sentimental value. Thanks.
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Re: Sears Silvertone Chassis 101-860 Needs Work

Postby targeteye » Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:57 am

I'd recommend contacting Bill Werzner our president. You can get his contact detail from the main page of the website.

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